"Hopsing" Is an AKC Pekingese weighs 12lbs

Ching A Ling

This is Ching A Ling my other male, I named my place after him. He is a CKC Registered Pekingese very small 5lbs.


This is Josie she is a bundle of joy. Very happy and never meets a stranger. She has very unique ice blue eyes. She has had one litter of puppies 6 of them 2 girls 4 boys. 1 of the girls had 1 blue eye and one brown eye. 1 of the boys was the same. She is an AKC registered Shih Tzus.


This is Gina she is a one person dog, she is very shy, and very sweet. She doesn't bark much ,but when she does she makes the most wonderful sound in the world. Its hard to describe but very unique. She has passed this unusual trait to some of her puppies. And the owners all tell me how unique and wonderful it is. She is small, sweet and gentle. Ching A Ling is the father of her puppies. She is an AKC registered Shih Tzus.


Alex is my Peekapoo she is just wonderful. Very sweet and gets along with everyone. I've had her the longest she has had 4 litters of beautiful Peekapoo puppies with Hopsing.She is low to no maintance,thats what makes these nonshedding little dogs the perfect pets.


Medina is my sweetest and smallest Shih Tzu she is AKC registered and has an unassuming gentle personality. She is no trouble and gets along great with all my dogs. She seldom makes a sound ,but when she does it's very sweet . She uses her paws like hands and will gently touch you to make sure you know she is there. She has wonderful puppies that seem to have very unique traits.

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